Day Three and Four

After two solid days of business development, prototyping and testing, it was time to present their businesses to industry. The designers worked all day to design and build the exhibition. Over 250 members of industry attended New Fangled ranging from Creative directors to manufacturers and engineers to educators. It was a great two days to complete a very successful week.

A few of the photos

New Fangled Vinyl

Examples and sketches.

A selection of pieces.

High end leather goods made with Nepali widows.

Touch and feel!

Getting feedback from the attendees.

The story.

Part of a close knit community.

Examples of work by Foldability.

An exquisite folded lamp.

Browsing wine over a glass or two!

Survival in the wild.

Getting feedback!

Rubber stamp business cards.

Vintage design.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye.

Thank you so much to our sponsors!

Feedback and advice.

All good fun!

Great illustration.

More great illustration!

The emergency chair.

The jigsaw lamp.

Come again?

The stands.

The Lady Grange Collection.


Enjoying a great beer.

Feedback from entrepreneurs.


Not all serious.

Reviewing work.

Feedback over a beer.

The team winding down.

Make Works!

Work posters.

For the third time!

Reviewing the work.

Silly end to the day!

Surprised by the flash.

New Fangled is a subsidiary of Student Designers Ltd.