Day One

At 10am on 10th December 2012, New Fangled kicked off with Business: Designed, Student Designers' programme for designing and developing businesses.

The attendees

We still have more attendees to add.

Here are some of the pictures of the day.

The first of many post-it notes.

More post-it notes.

Contemplating the challenge.

Being updated.

Responding to feedback.

Matt Stitt on the camera.

The first of many pitches.

Designing a business.

About to tackle the big tools.

Transferring touch points to the business model canvas.

Mixing up the teams.

A half complete canvas.

Listening in.

The beautiful MakLab.

What scares and excites me.

That hashtag.

Photo area.

Prototypes in action.

Super strong coffee to carry us through the day.

A well earned rest!

The New Fangled Hash Tag.

New Fangled is a subsidiary of Student Designers Ltd.